Wait Times for Social Security Disability and SSI appeals in Michigan

Wait times in Michigan are all over the map, according to a recent Social Security report accessed on November 24, 2011.

Detroit: 293 days.  37th out of 161 offices.

Flint: 304days.  44th out of 161 offices.

Grand Rapids: 451 days.  160th out of 161 offices.

Lansing: 292 days.  36th out of 161 offices.

Livonia: 291 days.  34th out of 161 offices.

Mount Pleasant: 335 days.  68th out of 161 offices.

Oak Park: 394 134th out of 161 offices.

As you can see, most offices are moving cases relatively quickly.  The obvious exception is the Grand Rapids ODAR, which is the second slowest office in the country.

B. Thomas Golden is a Michigan attorney who practices Social Security disability and SSI law.  He handles Social Security disability and SSI appeals, hearings, and applications.   He has offices in Ionia and Lowell, Michigan.  For more information, please call his office directly at (616)897-2900.

B. Thomas Golden

Tom Golden practices law from his offices in Ionia and Lowell, Michigan. He focuses on serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals by standing up for their rights. Whether he is suing suing billion dollar companies or standing up to the federal government, you can trust that Tom will protect his clients and serve as a booming voice for those who would otherwise be silenced.