Contacting Social Security

I recently needed to get in touch with the Social Security Administration regarding a client who was applying for benefits.  The letter we received did not explain who was handling the case.  We only got an illegibly scrawled last name, with no direct phone number.  I needed to call the local Field Office to find out who was responsible for this case.  Unfortunately the Grand Rapids Social Security Field Office is has one of the largest case loads in the country.  Additionally, they have one person answering the general phone line.

After hitting redial 47 times, I finally got past the busy signal, only to be put on hold for 17 minutes.

B. Thomas Golden

Tom Golden practices law from his offices in Ionia and Lowell, Michigan. He focuses on serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals by standing up for their rights. Whether he is suing suing billion dollar companies or standing up to the federal government, you can trust that Tom will protect his clients and serve as a booming voice for those who would otherwise be silenced.